Sunsistema MT-1 is a MIDI and USB device which lets you play programmed scale and always stay within the key

Map scale notes to white keys or mute the ones which do not belong to the scale

Choose any of 32 available scales or create your own

MIDI and USB outputs will allow you connecting MT-1 in various ways to your hardware


​Be creative, learn and have fun playing!

Sunsistema MT-1 back


  • 32 scales, fully programmable with MIDI controller

  • MIDI over USB

  • high contrast OLED screen with mini keyboard display   

  • 4 play modes - white keys only, filter, snap left, snap right   

  • bypass mode with single button press   

  • startup defaults  

  • sleep mode

  • USB powered from PC or with any phone charger   

  • low power consumption

  • dimensions: 124 x 71 x 40 mm


Notes from programmed scale are spread over white keys. Black keys are mute.


D Major scale

C # D F # E G A B D E G A B F # C # D E G A B F # C #


MT-1 allows playing in four modes. Each of these makes different modification of input notes you play on MIDI controller


If played note does not belong to the programmed scale (orange key) then MT-1 will find closest note on the left and play it instead.

C # D F # E G A B C # F # D E G A B D B E G A D D A G E E B


If played note does not belong to the programmed scale (orange key) then MT-1 will find closest note on the right and play it instead.

C # D F # G A B C # F # E G A B E A B D E B A E F # # C # C F #


Filter mode mutes notes that are not in the programmed scale

C # D F # E G A B C # F # D E G A B


Additional mode which quickly disables any processing of input notes. It's like if you directly connected MIDI controller to synthesizer.


Factory presets include most popular scales as well as some more exotic ones:

  • Major

  • Minor

  • Harmonic Minor

  • Pentatonic Major

  • Pentatonic Minor

  • Blues

  • Dorian

  • Phrygian

  • Lydian

  • Mixolydian

  • Chromatic*

  • Arabic

  • Japanese

  • Enigmatic

  • Hindu

  • Spanish 8 Tone

  • ... and many many more...

  • +10 empty scales

All scales including factory ones are fully reprogrammable.

*Chromatic mode is different than bypass mode because like other scales can be played on white keys only and it's transposable.


Only a few easy steps are needed to program any scale on MT-1

  • select scale you want to edit

  • enter Scale edit mode and play notes with your MIDI controller

  • change the key note using MIDI controller

  • edit name

  • it's ready to play the new scale!


MT-1 has both MIDI Output and USB which allows it to connect directly to a synthesizer or PC

Connecting MIDI controller to a synth through MT-1

Connecting MT-1 directly to PC with USB

Connecting MT-1 to a synth in local off mode

Connecting MT-1 to PC through an audio/MIDI interface

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